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  • How To: Resolve freezing instance of Continuata Connect

If for any reason Continuata Connect freezes while downloading Density, follow these steps:

- Open the application and then press your SHIFT key and hold it down. That will change the Download button to a RESET button. 

- Then, when the browser window opens to select the install location, just select the location for the library. That should resume the download/installation process and allow it to complete.

  • How To: Request and Decompress Manual Download Links

In the event that you do not want to use Continuata Connect, you can also download and extract the .rar files manually. Simply use this online form to request your manual download links: http://continuata.net/manual_links.php 

Once all of the .rar are downloaded, make sure that all files are in the same folder (ideally a folder specifically for that particular product). After that, decompress the first part of the multi-part samples archive and all of the other packages will be decompressed automatically. Once you have decompressed the samples archive, do the same with the instrument .rar and the extras .rar files. Make sure to decompress all of the downloaded .rar files into the same folder, which will ensure that the required folder structure is kept. 

For Windows we recommend WinRar, on macOS we recommend UnRarX.



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